Activated Carbon: Definition, Function, and Role

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filter functions as a water filter so that it is suitable for consumption. Activated carbon is a material capable of absorbing various forms of contaminants. Therefore, water filtered with activated carbon will be clearer because contaminants enter the carbon pores and get trapped in them.

Definition of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a type of carbon that has been processed to make it very porous and to make it have a large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. The presence of the word “active” in this word refers to the fact that this carbon has been treated with oxygen and makes the pores on its surface open, thereby making it more reactive and able to capture contaminants.

In addition, activated carbon is also often used in beauty products, because activated carbon has various uses, for example, to absorb excess oil and dirt from the skin. However, not only that, activated carbon still has many benefits for beauty products. Anything?

How Activated Carbon Filters Work

Activated carbon has a fairly effective way of working by absorbing contaminants. When materials such as contaminants pass through the activated carbon, the contaminants will be absorbed into the carbon pores. As a result, the water becomes clearer because the material which is a bad content has been absorbed by the activated carbon. In addition to purifying water, activated carbon can also remove odors from the water.

Activated carbon can come from the following ingredients:

  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Coconut shell
  • Hazelnut skin
  • Palm skin
  • Coal
  • Bones and more.

There are many natural ingredients that can be used as ingredients for making activated carbon. Even now there is the latest technology that finds a way to make activated carbon using certain chemicals.

Activated Carbon Filter function

Activated Carbon Filter Function

The function of activated carbon as a water filter can be explained in more detail. If you have a well with smelly water, it can be overcome by using activated carbon. Activated carbon has also been used by several water filter products to make it more practical.

The process of purifying water using activated carbon can also be done. The large pores on the carbon can absorb sedimentation or deposits in the water. Activated carbon can also take up chlorine content so that the water produced is fit for consumption. The water produced from the activated carbon filtering process also tastes fresher.

However, activated carbon also has disadvantages because it is unable to absorb several materials, namely minerals, salts and organic compounds. Therefore, activated carbon must collaborate with other technologies to increase its absorption.

Role of Activated Carbon

Role of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is also often used in the health and beauty fields. Since the 1800s it has been used to treat food poisoning. Activated Carbon’s role is to absorb toxins in the tract, and also functions in the detoxifying process in removing harmful content in the body.

If you know that in earlier times, Activated Carbon has even been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. And along with the times, various innovations have been found and made Activated Carbon begin to develop, especially in the world of beauty.

Several health experts and dermatologists reveal that Activated Carbon can be useful for the health of oily and acne-prone skin by acting to absorb oil content, dead skin cells and dust in the skin pores.

1. Beauty

In the world of beauty, activated carbon is widely applied to various products, including:

1. Shrink Pores

Activated carbon is useful for helping reduce the appearance of large-looking pores on the face by absorbing excess oil and dirt from the skin.

2. Reduces Acne

For those of you who have acne problems on your face, Activated carbon can help you reduce acne. By absorbing excess oil that can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin.

3. Can Eliminate Bad Odors

Today’s shampoo and soap products use a lot of Activated carbon as the basic ingredient, this is because this carbon material can remove unpleasant odors from the body.

4. Improves Skin Texture

Using Activated carbon can help remove dead skin cells and can also improve the texture of the skin. So it can make the skin smoother. That way it is suitable for those of you who have skin problems.

2. Health

That is the role of Activated carbon for beauty, not only is it useful for beauty, Activated carbon can also be beneficial for health as well. By having many pores, this type of carbon can bind chemicals in the body, for example, when food poisoning occurs, this Activated carbon can cure it. Not only that, there are still various benefits of activated carbon for health. What are the benefits?

1. Control Phosphate Levels

The benefits of activated carbon for health can control blood phosphate levels (hyperphosphatemia).

Several studies have stated that consuming activated carbon for 12 months can reduce phosphate levels in people with diseases such as kidney failure, including those undergoing hemodialysis who have high phosphate levels.

2. Kidney Health

The kidney is one of the organs of the body that has a very vital role, for this reason it is necessary to maintain its health. By consuming activated carbon, it is believed that it can help kidney function by filtering toxins and drugs that are obstructed during the digestive process.

3. Oral Health

Activated carbon is also useful for keeping your mouth healthy, using this type of carbon can help whiten your teeth. This activated carbon has a way of working by absorbing bacteria and dirt in the mouth, so it can be useful for maintaining oral hygiene and reducing the risk of infection.

Therefore, currently many oral care products such as teeth whiteners use activated carbon as their basic ingredient.

4. Reduces High Cholesterol

This carbon can be useful for reducing high cholesterol levels. Because activated carbon has a way of working to reduce cholesterol by absorbing cholesterol from the digestive system before it is absorbed by the body.

That’s all the explanation regarding the activated carbon filter, which has been widely sold in the market. May be useful.